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Archamps Technopole, 11 February 2011 - BioData, international symposium that brings together every year in Geneva over fifty Biopharma and Medtech companies and their financial partners, will be held on March 1 and 2 next to the Technopole Archamps (15 minutes from Geneva airport). This annual meeting allows leading biotech and innovative medical technology company to present to potential investors.

This edition of BioData is sponsored as in 2010 by the General Council of Haute-Savoie and supported by Bernard Accoyer, President of the National Assembly and Deputy of Haute-Savoie.

After 3 disastrous years for the funding of innovation in the western world, we want to think that 2011 will be a year of renewal.

Venture capital companies have struggled to raise additional funds and had to keep their cash for their portfolio companies. The few funds that have been able to raise significant funds in Europe have done under very restrictive investment criteria, often preventing investment in innovative projects in the early stages.

The stock market has been a way to finance the more mature players, but the post-IPO performance is disappointing so far. We believe that the prospects for economic growth and therefore equity markets can only get better; with them came the increased acquisition activity in China and large companies should encourage investors to take more risks in search of higher return on investment.

The managers of private portfolios are beginning to consider investing in innovation because their yields are very low in the rest of the economy.

The fundamentals of the life sciences sector remain very positive as populations age and emerging economies must equip their hospitals with the latest technology.

BioData2011 will show how Allergan, a pharmaceutical laboratory specialties worldwide leader in the fields of ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine and therapeutics in neurology, understands the importance of innovation.

And Doug Ingram, Executive Vice President and President of Allergan EAME, commented:

"We have invested over $ 700 million in research and development in 2009, through a number of centers around the world, including in the Haute Savoie region where we have invested nearly $ 20 million. We recognize that conferences like BioData are key in bringing companies and investors in an environment that facilitates the free exchange of ideas; we are proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 2011 edition "

BioData2011 presents examples of solid incubated projects supported by regional structures to promote technology transfer.

As the legal framework for the creation of funds and businesses is changing in France, we will have an overview of related legislative changes peeled for us by Jean Rognetta, a leading journalist in the field. Small medtech companies will explain how to launch highly innovative products with limited financial resources and how to finance and international distribution.

BioData2011 also aim to direct entrepreneurs to different funding sources even as venture capital is in crisis.

Kergrohen Hervé, Chairman and Director of BioData Glenbrook Ventures, insists that "the business models had to change rapidly to meet sustainable liquidity squeeze. While traditional biotech trying to reach the end of Phase II clinical, cost 20 to 30 million before considering an exit, now it is forced to enter early in the partnership and to make an exit in pre -Clinic ".

Bernard Accoyer, President of the National Assembly and Deputy of Haute-Savoie, concluded: "This new edition reinforces the attractiveness of the Haute-Savoie for life sciences through its strategic positioning in the Rhône-Alpes Region and Lake Geneva Bow. This helps to attract quality speakers and high-level innovative companies on the site of Archamps future vector highly skilled jobs for the region and providing opportunities for graduates of tomorrow."

About BioData

BioData is the finance International Forum in the life sciences sector where BioPharma and medtech companies meet investors.

BioData is supported by the technology of Archamps, pharmaceutical laboratory Allergan and several other sponsors from the fields of finance, industry and media.

To register for BioData or for further information, please visit:
www.biodataforum.com - Registration deadline February 13, 2011